100% Recycled Aluminium
Adek non-combustible decking manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium

Adek is the first decking system available in the UK that is made from 100% recycled aluminium. This ties in with the Ecodek philosophy of developing products that have a low or negative carbon footprint.

Recycling aluminium is a very environmentally sound process. The production of recycled or secondary aluminium uses approximately 5% of the energy that it takes to produce the same weight of primary metal. Importantly, because of the modern technology used in the production of Adek boards, there is no loss of quality or performance in our recycled material.

This means that the vast majority of embodied carbon in our recycled aluminium will not be lost but will remain in the guise of new and different products, with only marginal increases in embodied carbon being associated with each recycling event.

Aluminium recycling

The recycling process is so effective and the material itself is so resistant to corrosion that aluminium is uniquely long lived. It has been calculated that 75% of all aluminium produced since output began on an industrial scale in the late 19th century is still in use today.

Aluminium recycling rates vary across the world but within the UK the recycling rate for new scrap created during fabrication is 100% and the rate for the construction industry is very high at approximately 92% – 98%.

Our Adek profiles are manufactured under the following certifications:

• ISO9001 Quality,
• ISO14001 Environmental
• OHSAS18001 Health and Safety

If you have any questions in relation to Adek and 100% recycled aluminium, please contact our technical team
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